Marlies Brouwer was born in the Netherlands. In 2008 she decided to study Clinical Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Here she discovered her interest in research and clinical work, and worked for several research projects during the Bachelor program.

In 2011 she started the Research Master Clinical and Health Psychology and the Master Clinical Psychology at Leiden University. At the same time, she stayed involved in the Advanced Research Program at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she completed her Master thesis.

After obtaining her Research Master’s degree in 2014, she first started working at Leiden University as a research assistant. Soon after, in September 2014, she started her PhD project (‘Stop or Go study’) at the University of Utrecht. During her PhD, Marlies -among other things- presented her research at international and national conferences, was a student member of the educational committee of the Experimental Psychopathology graduate school, supervised Bachelor and Master students, and organised various workshops and symposia.

As of December 2017, she continued her PhD at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, psychiatry department. Here she started working as a project coordinator of a psychiatric outpatient centre for young adults with affective disorders (‘Transitiecentrum Affectieve Stoornissen’).

In April 2019, Marlies started her clinical training to become a mental health care psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, where she also continues her career in research.

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

April 2019 – present: Healthcare psychologist in training and postdoc researcher – Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Department of Psychiatry

December 2017 – present: Project coordinator: Outpatient clinic for young adults with affective disorders, under supervision of Dr. A. Lok, psychiatrist – Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Department of Psychiatry

September 2014 – June 2019: PhD Candidate. Title dissertation: Exploring transgenerational approaches to prevent common mental disorders. Lab: Prof. Claudi Bockting. – University of Utrecht, Department of Clinical Psychology; Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Department of Psychiatry. As per 12-1-2017: Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Department of Psychiatry. Promotion date: June 7, 2019


2019 – Present: Post Master education for healthcare psychologists, RINO Amsterdam

2014 – 2019: Postgraduate School for Research; Dutch-Flemish Postgraduate School for Research and Education EPP

2011 – 2014: Research Master Clinical and Health Psychology and Master Clinical Psychology, Leiden University

2008 – 2011: Bachelor Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Additional courses

Winterschool UvA: Networkanalyses; Registration for supervising thesis students (‘BKO-deeltraject thesis begeleiden’); Venepuncture /blood collection; Mplus workshop; Winterschool Utrecht University: Meta-analysis; Popular scientific writing.